Im Arm des Drehstuhls
Performance in the home of Diane Müller

Blankets and pillows pile up on you, books and their words become your cover. Cheese, ham and pieces of mandarines rest on your skin. The sound of struck pots engulfs you. Cardboard boxes, the clothes airer and the vacuum cleaner embrace you firmly. You feel the blowdryer and hair brush on your entire body.

In the home of Diane Müller the audience is invited to treat each other. From the cubby treatment, to the curtain treatment, to the swivel chair treatment. Objects and places in the flat reveal their power.

coverage by Markus Knop for perisphere (German)

date: 1/02/15 at 2, 3:30 and 5 pm

concept: katharinajej and Diane Müller

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