1. I wash your armpits.
2. I scratch one part of your body. (Approx. 3 min)
3. I read to you the last email I wrote to my boyfriend.
4. I dry you after your peed.
5. I clean the teeth of your maxillary with dental floss.
6. I drag out 10 hairs of your mole or any place of your body with my tweezers.
7. I bite two of your fingernails.
8. I answer the last email that you haven´t responded yet.
9. I sing you my favorite song.
10. I brush your teeth with my toothbrush.
11. I pick your nose and remove 4 boogers.
12. I read you the last three days of my diary.
13. I feed you my favorite candy. (Approx. 5 times)
14. I clean your ears with Q-tips.

we are at your service for the

servicio de casa

The Performance in the home of Anderson Feliciano in Caballito, Buenos Aires, offers you the possibility to reconfigure simple actions of our daily life on the verge between private and public.

Date: 23/04/16 from 3 to 6 pm

Concept: katharinajej and Anderson Feliciano

Antonio Ledesma writing about the performance (English)


“ … To offer services in exchange for money is basically how our society is organized and I understand to put this theme in focus by offering kindly „absurd“ services, which also tend to incommode the „client“. I remember that the services turned out to be strange and most of them uncomfortable to receive. Finally I decided to try the favorite sweet because it was the only one not troubling me, and, moreover it implied incognito, because I didn´ t know what kind of sweet I will get, which also would make me get to know something of you…“
Alejandra Bocchio

„My first impression entering the home was to share a private moment – a mixture of voyeurism and reality show, that gave me the possibility to see how private are the limits of each of us, and not only the physical limits, but how much you can go inside the other. I chose the song, because I thought that it allows me to go inside the private as if I could put me inside the head to listen her. And it made me think which are my most private moments and I returned to my song, perhaps the favorite for days or weeks, and this moment of sitting down and listen to the song but also listen to oneself, as if the song is only the soundtrack of our own life…“
Nicolas Rodriguez