a bath for a shared cleansing
a bed for the collective dream

sucio y cansado

The Performance in the home of Jenny Toro Salas in Balvanera, Buenos Aires, invited you to experience collectively the most intimate of our home. Take an eternity to clean or relax your soul and body.

Date: 22/04/16 at 3 and 5 pm

Concept: katharinajej and Jenny Toro Salas

Anderson Feliciano writing about the performance (Spanish)

Florian Müller writing about the performance (English and German)


„I parted very pleased having experienced the performance. Never I imagined to end up taking a bath!! I like a lot what you are doing because it created an atmosphere of warmth and grace, of a lot of respect. Sharing a bath like we were children…“
Alejandra Aristegui

„The performance which I experienced seems to be very sensitive, kind and also kindly surprising. I believe that it was also a little bit healing in some ways, to connect me with the fraternity, the friendship and the complicity. I am thankful that I participated, because somehow it invited me to regain the trust in an art and a performance which is dialoguing with me (and all body) and not only with my head…“
Marina Musso