We found the kitchen.
Between the fridge and the sink we are sharing an ice cream.
While licking I am absorbing the inside of your mouth.
The ice cream is wandering amongst our hands.
We used to be strange to each other.

El mapa de lo privado

Performance in the home of Gustavo Solar in Balvanera, Buenos Aires.
Sharing with a stranger – the view from the window in silence, the hammock, an ice cream in the kitchen, a secret under the table, and a foot bath. Within a course inside the house one can meet the private inside home, the other and oneself.

Date: 21/04/16 from 6 to 9pm

Concept: katharinajej and Gustavo Solar

Review of Marcela Maezzi published in the newspaper ñ Clarín (Spanish)

Report of Ezequiel Romero (English)

Text of Gustavo Solar El Mapa Privado (Spanish)


„What I experienced in this festival was a lot of intimacy with people made very fast, and I realized that sometimes we neither reach this kind of intimacy with the people we have next to us all our life long…“
Virginia Ocaña

„I liked it very much, I met a stranger with whom I shared the view out of the window -breaking away my day inside the city. We reached calm. The decision of the hammock suited me as well, in this moment our bodies came closer and shared the breathing. For the moment of the ice cream we have been already relaxed and curious about the other, and this complicity left marks under the table, listening to the secret…“
Sebastian Romero