Gustavo Solar
Gustavo Solar (*Santiago de Chile). Bachelor of Arts, University of Chile 2014, is performer and has exhibited his works in different areas of South America and the Caribbean. He is organizer and manager of performance and new paradigms of Aut fractal scene, Temporary Autonomous Activation.

Jenny Toro Salas
Jenny Toro Salas (*Medellin in Colombia) moved to Buenos Aires to study Fine Arts at the National Universidad de Arte. Her performances were exhibited among others at: Encuentro Latinoamericano de Performance PARTICIPACIÓN 2015, in Buenos Aires at the V. international Performance Biennale DEFORMES, Santiago de Chile 2014. In her work she uses performance art as a way to intuitively address the vital phenomena that disturbs her. She is researching the body to make visible memories and significations.

Anderson Feliciano
Anderson Feliciano (*Brasil) is dramaturg and performer. He made his Bachelor of Arts and his Diploma in African studies and Afro-brasilian. Right working for his Master in dramaturgy at the UNA in Buenos Aires. There he coordinates the LED – Laboratory for Experiments in Dramaturgy.

Graciela Ovejero Postigo
Graciela Ovejero Postigo (*San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina) Master in Fine Arts, UCSD USA; Licenciatura en Artes, UNT Argentina. Her work operates between performance, installation, the objectual and relational conceived as visual writing. Founder and director of Peras de Olmo – Ars Continua, a non-profit venue focusing on performance and time based art in Buenos Aires.

katharinajej (*Munich, Germany) studied Fine Arts in Munich, Valencia and Brunswick. Since then she lives in Cologne and loves to perform in the every-day-life, in your home or on the street. There she invites you to lay together with her in the hammock, stretched between a road sign and a street lamp, or she lets herself being given away at the Christmas market, to warm up your hands or to visit your parents. She creates space to meet and be close at places of strangeness.

Together with Julia Dick she is the artist duo katze und krieg since 2007. They exhibit their interventive performances nationally and internationally for example at Stromereien in Switzerland, Jacuzzi Festival Vienna, Austria, Streetcatfestival in Bat Yam Israel, Transeuropa Hildesheim, Germany, Performa in Switzerland, inverscity in Oberhausen, Germany, Copula Spajalica in Rijeka Croatia.

Sebastian Zuhr
Photography, sculptural asthetical creation inbetween the sensitivity of instinct and holyness with a faible for sociopolitical sujets and intimate portraits of our time.
work sample

Lala Nomada
Lala Nomada is a multidisciplinary artist mainly working in the field of performance art and installation. Her solo works, as well as her collaborations, were exhibited internationally. Lala Nomada is founder and curator of “Latitud 32°N/55°S”, a platform for latin american art. Since 2012 she is working together with the platform “MPA-B, Month of Performance Art Berlin”.

Diane Mueller
Diane Müller studied media art at the University of Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig. She focuses on art in public space and installation/sculpture. She initiated many collaborations and project spaces, for example the production gallery HOBBYSHOP, in Leipzig and Munich. Together with Triloff she curated the Simultanhalle in Cologne. In collaboration with Werner Magar she founded 2006 the artist group „PUPLIK.ORG – art in public space“. She is co-founder of 10qm-art project in public space in Cologne. Between 2013 and 2014 she worked for the BOUTIQUE – space for temporary art. Her works were exhibited internationally. She obtained funding and nominations i.a. Grimme Online Award, of the BDI – Kulturkreis of the german economy or the Goethe Institute Tallinn, Estland.